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Applying for Unemployment Benefits or UIA

Unemployment Assistance: A Bridge to Your Next Opportunity

If you have seen people filing for unemployment insurance benefits online by themselves using the Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM), then you must have heard a lot of hiccup stories from the same set of people. This is because filing for unemployment benefits can be highly complex, tedious and unexpectedly lengthy. 

You need an expert that can walk you through the whole process, with or without your presence. Apart from the complexity, you may need the services of experts in the field if you are pretty occupied with other important things, or you simply don’t cherish stress.

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Regardless of Your Case, We are Here for You

Whatever your case may be, no matter how unique it may be, Tanana & Sons got your back when it comes to all the documentations and processes involved in applying for unemployment benefits in Michigan. 

With experts who are highly experienced in the field, you can rest assured everything will go smoothly. We will help you follow the step-by-step instructions, as on the MiWAM, and also navigate all the hidden clauses.

Be at Ease with Our Speed

With us, you will get an appointment with the agency as soon as possible, and have everything done within days. While there may be causes for brief and slight delay, we can assure you that you will most likely get your first payment within three weeks, or less, once we help you file your claim. You will get subsequent payment bi-weekly once you are certified. 


It usually takes two to three weeks for Michigan Unemployment claim to be approved. However, some circumstances can delay and extend the time period.

Gross misconduct (such as lack of punctuality, violating workplace rules and regulations) which leads to your firing can potentially disqualify you from unemployment benefits in Michigan. However not every firing automatically strips you of unemployment benefits. For example, if you were fired from your place of work due to inefficiency or unsatisfactory job performance, you may still qualify for unemployment benefits after due assessment of your case. 

Going by the law, your earned wages for the previous eighteen months prior to the time of your application will be used to calculate the amount of unemployment claim you can make. Nonetheless, the highest amount of unemployment benefits you can claim cannot exceed $362/week. 

20 weeks. You may enjoy only 20 weeks of unemployment benefits in a benefit year. The weeks in which you enjoy benefits are known as benefit weeks. 

Depending on the situation that led to your quitting, you may qualify for unemployment benefit. Typical examples are, quitting your job because it was detrimental to your physical and mental health, or because you experienced or witnessed workplace assault. Whatever the case may be, be prepared to prove the genuineness of your case to the agency. 

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“Tanana Immigration and Translation have been very useful and helpful to me. They literally are the only reason I was not deported back to Nigeria when my green card expired. All my savings and education were on the line; but due to the intervention of these guys, I was able to sail through. Thank you so much guys. I appreciate you, and I highly recommend your services to my friends and family members.”

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