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Notary Public services are something we take pride in at Tanana Immigration & Translation Services.

We are your go-to source for getting your document notarized if you need a notary on an official document you are signing.

Notary Public at Tanana

It is an official of integrity which the state government appoints (usually the secretary of state) to serve the jurisdiction in which he/she is appointed as a neutral and unbiased witness in carrying out a series of official fraud-deterrent acts that could be related to the signing of crucial documents. 

These activities of a notary are referred to as notarizations or notarial acts. Notaries are commissioned as “ministerial” officials by the public, which means they are expected to follow written rules with minimal personal discretion.

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What does a Notary do?

Why are Notaries and Notarizations Necessary?

Notaries prevent fraud by establishing that the signer is aware of the document they are signing and that they are a willing participant in the transaction. 

How does a Notary Identify a Signer?

A Notary will often want a current ID with a photo, physical description, and signature. A driver’s license or passport are commonly accepted forms of identification.
We are highly trustworthy; therefore, put your mind at rest while we do the homework for you.
If you must do anything, that would be you submitting the documents that need to be notarized. That’s all!


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Excellent Service

“Tanana Immigration and Translation have been very useful and helpful to me. They literally are the only reason I was not deported back to Nigeria when my green card expired. All my savings and education were on the line; but due to the intervention of these guys, I was able to sail through. Thank you so much guys. I appreciate you, and I highly recommend your services to my friends and family members.”

C. Ruberte